Dog Training and Behaviour Classes

All training at Pawtropolis is based at our Cumbernauld location and focuses on enhancing the relationship and respect between the owner and the dog, our training is fun for both you and your dog.

We have removed outdated training methods, introduced modern methods that can be applied to daily life and situations to ensure that all our dogs are a pleasure to live with.

We fully develop the dog and owner relationship by using only up to date modern techniques. In our classes owners are encouraged to work together with their dog without the use of a lead or force.  We promote force free training methods which rely on rewarding your dog for making the correct choices, displaying the right behaviours and good manners.

Obedience Classes

Intermediate and Advanced Day Care

Work your way through our uniquely developed Intermediate and Advanced Obedience classes – your dog will be working in a class environment and develop a variety of the skills including but not limited to loose lead walking, positions (sit, down and stand), emergency stop and leave it.

Scent Class

This is a fun dog sport and training activity which is mentally engaging and appeals to those dogs who like to have a job and enjoy being rewarded – we introduce odour detection and reward and  include structured searching techniques.  The dog gets physical activity, mental stimulation and reinforces your basic obedience skills – resulting in an all round happy dog.

Puppy Classes

Foundation Obedience

This class is suitable for dogs who are starting from scratch or for dogs who need to start again. All the basics skills are covered including but not limited to sit, stand, down, heel work and socialisation skills.  A perfect start on your training journey.

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