Dog Day Care

We’ll Look After Your Dog!

Doggy day care is an alternative to leaving your dog home alone when you have to be away for extended periods of time.  It is also an alternative to the conventional dog walking service.

Our dog day care service is similar to a nursery/crèche you would use to care for your child while at work or to allow them to develop socialisation skills, we encourage dogs to be booked in for a minimum of one regular session per week as this allows them to establish their natural place in the pack and leads to a happy and established dog group dynamic.

Our safe and secure indoor and outdoor play areas are the ideal place for your dog to spend the day and they will also leave the centre with a fully trained member of staff for a minimum 1 hour walk per day, after which they can return to our relaxed rest area for a sleep if needed.  Being entrusted to care for your pet is something we take very seriously and we treat them as we would our own.

A large group of dogs Golden retrievers running in the summer through the green valley

Puppy Room

No one should be deprived of having a new pet but we recognise that the hardest time to leave your new one is when they are young.  Similar to our nursery/crèche set up for dog day care we have our very own 1-2 room, where the ratio of staff to pups is smaller and there are less pups in the area, what better way to get your young pup to improve his/her social skills than starting as soon as possible.